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What is the difference?

In short, A Doula is a non-clinician whom provides physical & emotional labor support. A Monitrice is a “clinical doula” whom provides physical & emotional labor support & can monitor mom and baby’s well being in labor, before heading to the hospital for your birth.

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A DOULA is someone who specializes in labor & birth to provide continuous support (physical, mental, & emotional) to help cope with labor & birth.  A Doula does not take the place of your partner nor will a Doula make medical decisions for you; rather a Doula is there to offer additional support, assistance, and necessary information to help you make decisions that best fits your needs.  
​​Several studies have shown a decrease in unnecessary medical interventions when a Doula is present. ​​A doula can be utilized in all birth settings (home, hospital, birth center) regardless of your care provider.


As long as my schedule allows, I would love to still take on Doula clients.  Sometimes taking out the ‘clinical’ aspect of birth and just being present and supporting the laboring mom and families can be refreshing. Doula care includes:


- 2 prenatal visits

- 1 visit with your birth team

- Assistance in writing and reviewing your birth plan/requests

- Continuous support and availability via phone and email

- Resources/recommendations

- Continuous, uninterrupted support during labor and immediate post-partum

- Labor & Birth summary

  - 1 post-partum visit


A Monitrice is a blend of a Doula & a Midwife; a “Clinical Doula”. A Monitrice is usually is a Licensed Midwife, however is NOT your care provider for your pregnancy and birth. A Monitrice is able to monitor mom & baby’s well-being in labor at home before going to the hospital or birth center for the birth. 
Most families who choose a Monitrice generally desire a home birth and/or midwifery type care, but are unable to for various reasons. A Monitrice is best utilized for hospital births.

Monitrice Care includes:

- All Doula care listed above

- 2 Additional prenatal visits

- 1 Additional post-partum visit

- Clinical assessment in labor- intermittent fetal heart tones, maternal vital signs, cervical assessment

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