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Midwifery care is not all about an un-medicated, home birth; rather it is about the process that leads up to the birth. It is the compassion, the connection, and the comprehensive care that makes midwifery unique. It is giving women back the power to make decision about their body, their birth, and their baby.

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First Love Midwifery offers comprehensive home birth Midwifery Care that includes prenatal, birth, & post-partum period. We provide evidence-based care, offering shared decision making, & informed consent and refusal. In addition to standard maternity care, we will spend time discussing your physical & emotional needs as well as the wellbeing of you & your baby.  Our Home birth midwifery care includes:


- 1-hr visits in the comfort of your own home

- Routine scheduled prenatal visits

- Routine scheduled post-partum visits 

- Lab draws for standard prenatal testing

- Water birth

- Birth Assistant/2nd Midwife for the birth

- Newborn Exam

- Breastfeeding support​​

Midwifery Care: Services



If you are planning a hospital birth with an OB, yet are still interested in the Midwifery Model of Care, First Love Midwifery prenatal & postpartum co-care. We focus on the overall well-being of both you & your baby prenatally and post-partum.  Co-care is in addition to the medical care you receive with your OB and should not replace your regular scheduled visits with your OB. Co-Care includes: 

- 1-hour long visits

- Routine scheduled prenatal visits

- Routine scheduled post partum visits

​- Physical & emotional support 

- Post-partum breastfeeding support

- Recommendations for nutrition, supplements, herbs, vitamins, and other naturopathic care

Mother Breastfeeding Baby
Midwifery Care: Services


Midwives can see women of all ages for Well-Woman care & Pre Pregnancy preparation.  We offer:

- Full Physicals

- ​Pap smears

- Breast Exams​

- STI screening

- Bloodwork for pregnancy/hormone related conditions

- Couseling & Education for healthy menses & pre-pregnancy​ 

- Recommendations for nutrition, supplements, herbs, vitamins, and other naturopathic care.

- Referrals to specialists for further evaluations if needed

Midwifery Care: Services
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