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"Whenever & however you intend to give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, & your spirit for the rest of your life."
-Ina May Gaskin


 First Love Midwifery is a Home Birth Midwifery practice supporting families in Los Angeles & its surrounding communities. First Love Midwifery mirrors the Midwifery Model of Care & believes that every family should have access to a Midwife.  

Our Mission & Vision is to provide individualized, Evidence-based Maternity care to ensure our families are educated, empowered & supported throughout their care. First Love Midwifery believes that Midwifery care is not all about an un-medicated home birth; rather it is about the process that leads up to the birth. It is the relationship and trust that is built & the personalized and comprehensive care that makes midwifery so unique. It is giving women (and families) back the power to make decision about their body, their birth, and their baby. First Love Midwifery offers a wide range of Midwifery Care regardless of where & whom you choose to birth with. 

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